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Transmission belts are economical and highly effective machine components in machines that have power transmission needs. OPHTE Transmission Belts is a professional manufacturer of a variety of belts used for power transmission. We are a premier producer of automotive belts, timing belts, and industrial belts. Our products have been exported and applied in countries and regions around the world including Europe, North America, Central America, South America, and Oceania. Our main products include automotive timing belts, automotive V-belts, synchronous belts, trapezoidal tooth timing belts, endless timing belts, raw edge V-belts, ribbed belts, and hexagonal belts. We work extremely hard to provide the highest quality transmission belts to all of our customers and our commitment to quality does not stop when our products leave our facilities. We provide a 24-hour customer support helpline to troubleshoot any problems faced by our customers. In addition to our main line of industrial belts, we also produce a complete line premium aftermarket drive belts, such as fan belts, scooter belts, PU belts, wrapped V-belts, double sided belts, banded belts, variable speed belts, and coated belts. For all of your transmission belt needs, contact OPHTE!

    1. Automotive Timing Belts
    2. Automotive Timing Belts

      The modern car engine faces high requirements of load, noise, emission, maintenance cycle, and running temperature. Our automotive timing belts have enlarged load capacity, minimized noise, provided more accurate valve timing, and optimized performance of temperature tolerance.

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    1. Trapezoidal Tooth Timing Belts
    2. Trapezoidal Tooth Timing Belts

      Compared to transmission chains and driving gears, our trapezoidal tooth timing belt is an economical and practical alternative. Our trapezoidal tooth timing belt is ideal for locating and driving; and it can excellently adapt to a variety of different transmission powers and speed ratios.

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    1. Open Ended Timing Belts
    2. Open Ended Timing Belts

      Additionally, our open ended toothed belts can be used in conjunction with other thermoplastic materials. Our open ended timing belts are suitable for linear driving and precise positioning, making it perfectly suitable for application in the transport industry and other fields.

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    1. Raw Edge V-Belts
    2. Raw Edge V-Belts

      When compared to wrapped V-belts, our raw edge V-belts have teeth at the bottom and can reduce the accumulation of heat or stress concentration, which can help to extend the service life of our transmission belts. Our cogged V-belt only has very little tolerance for movement when used in high-speed transmission.

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    1. Ribbed Belts
    2. Ribbed Belts

      The ribbed belts, especially the EPDM rubber made ones, have better chemical resistance, ozone aging resistance, weather resistance and heat aging resistance. Moreover, our ribbed belts have good electrical insulation property and can maintain good elasticity at low temperatures.

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    1. Wrapped V-Belts
    2. Wrapped V-Belts

      Scrapping the traditional formula, we have researched and developed advanced techniques and a new formula to the manufacturing process of our wrapped belts. Made of chloroprene (CR), our rubber V-belts have greatly improved functions and extended service life.

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